Tips on Keeping Your Children Safe

Car Safety: When children are young, it is important to have them in a child safety seat that is correctly sized for them. If you need help in finding a seat, we recommend visiting the NHTSA parent center.

Toy Safety: Make sure the toys your child plays with are safe. Some toys have sharp edges or can be eaten/swallowed.

Safety Barriers: When children are small, installing gates is a great way to restrict them from dangerous places like stairs and off-limits rooms. Many accidents are a result of children being in a place that they are not allowed to be in.

Food/Drink Safety: Most children will eat anything but you should monitor their food very carefully. Eat at clean restaurants and shops. Always have your child wash their hands before and after a meal.

Emergencies: Talk to your children and have a plan ready in case of an emergency. Make sure and select an outdoor meeting place in case of a fire or a secure location in your basement to take shelter during bad weather.

Disease Control: Make sure your child has visited the doctor regularly and that they have the proper vaccinations and shots. If you child is sick, take them to seek medical help.

Poisons and Poison Control: Keep your house clean and clear of deadly chemicals that a child might ingest. Put the bad stuff in cabinets and shelves well out of reach.

Water/Pool Safety: Try and keep children away from water without proper supervision. During bath time, it is dangerous to have children near water above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above this can injure a child’s skin.

Security Systems: Lastly, a security system can help you monitor your home when you are not able to. It can also help in making sure curfews are adhered to and that your family is home safely.

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